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AS THE RAVEN FLIES by Colin Sidney-Wilmot tells an extraordinary tale of 5th century Britain that was to mould modern America and England, and the English speaking peoples. It was in this crucible of Saxons, Celts and Romans that the modern English, our laws and language
were born. Through the story of Wecta, invented nephew of Saxon rulers Hengist and Horsa, we enter a world of warriors, battles and pillage amidst a collapsing Roman empire.

Sidney-Wilmot is famed as a founder of BussanaVecchia, about which a British documentary arts film is currently in production and many articles have been written, in papers as diverse as the New York Times, London Daily Mail, Express and the Independent.
Since the restoration of his house in this historic village overlooking the mediterranenan, Sidney- Wilmot has spent the last 5 years researching 5th century Britain.
This recreation is based on that work.